Beyond The Welcome Project

Beyond The Welcome Project

This project focused on how Canadian Churches are welcoming new immigrants. This was a collaboration between World Vision, TIM Centre and CCBR.

Three questions were posed in the study:

  1. How do recent immigrants experience church in Canada?
  2. What has been the response of churches in Canada to recent immigrants?
  3. What can churches do to be more welcoming and inclusive?

The study found that Canadian churches are indeed welcoming recent immigrants. The results of the research also show that churches need to move beyond that initial welcome toward fully integrating families new to Canada into church life.

The two PDF documents provide the following information. 1) Summary of the findings of the national research. 2) The full report of the research

Summary Report

Final Research Report

Toronto City Report

World Vision has also compiled a resource toolkit that provides suggestions on how to better reach out to and integrate new Canadians into local congregations. Finally an assessment tool for your congregation is available to evaluate how you are doing in your local context.

The intent of this assessment is to encourage your congregation to discuss how to love your neighbours who are new to Canada in practical ways. We hope this will spark helpful conversations within your Church, such as: How can we proactively welcome and support new immigrants in our congregation and in the community as they integrate into Canadian society

Resource Toolkit

Congregational Assessment