City of Calgary

City of Calgary

We believe in the importance of understanding our community, and this requires us to be familiar with its people, its characteristics, and its history. In this section, you will find an overview of our wonderful City of Calgary.

Who Is My Neighbour?

Calgary is quickly becoming one of the most diverse cities in Canada. Changes in the immigration policy in recent decades have attracted a great number of people from all over the world and many of these recent waves of immigration have been moving to Alberta. 28% of people in Calgary are immigrants with 43% of immigrants having arrived since 2001. The top five countries of birth of recent Calgary immigrants are the Philippines, India, China, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom. 63% of immigrants are Christian while 16% are Muslim, 8% are Sikh, 6% are Buddhist, and 5% are Hindu.

Quick Facts About Calgary

  • With approx. 1.24 million people, Calgary is the 4th largest city in Canada
  • Nearly 30% of the people living in Calgary were born outside Canada
  • Close to 140 different languages are spoken by people living in Calgary
  • Calgary’s largest diaspora community is from the Philippines
  • Calgary is divided into 14 Wards and over 180 communities