Networking is all about building relationships with people who share a common goal. As you navigate the UReach Calgary web site you will become familiar with people, churches, organizations that desire to have a transformative influence among the diverse peoples living in the Calgary Area. Here are some ways you can use this web site to expand your network of people working with the diverse peoples living in Calgary.

Cultural Communities

UReach Calgary has over 100 country profiles. By exploring these profiles you can find:

  • Ethnic groups and where they are located in Calgary
  • Immigrant churches from diverse cultures which you can connect with
  • Social services serving particular ethnic linguistic groups



We encourage individuals and churches to explore volunteer opportunities in their communities. There are many opportunities to work with New Canadians and this is a great way to serve and expand your network. Volunteer Now!



Events And Training

UReach Calgary is a great place to find like-minded people. Networking events are held throughout the year by various organizations and churches in the city. Taking a seminar or course can also expand your knowledge and introduce you to people from diverse cultural and denominational backgrounds. Check out upcoming Events or Intercultural Training opportunities.


Engage Our City

Networking needs several important aspects. First, you need a clear focus and second, you will need intentionality and time to research and follow through on leads that you discover. Browse through the “Community Context”, “City Services” and “Calgary Research”. There you will find lots of links to services provided by municipal and NGO agencies.